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Mobile is redefining the retail experience. With EMV deadlines rapidly approaching, retailers understand that the time to begin preparing and making serious decisions is now. As retailers prepare for EMV migration they are forced to consider what functionalities they want to build into these new systems. And these decisions affect all divisions including payments, marketing and technology.

While upgrades will be costly, they will also enable retailers to build in functionality for mobile payments and a full array of mobile retail services that will drive traffic to their location, increase basket size, improve the customer experience and increase profitability.

Adding to the mix is the excitement, and confusion, about merchant coalitions and the seemingly endless proliferation of mobile wallet platforms and how they stand to impact the retail community.

The RAMP educational platform delivers comprehensive, end-to-end content that touches the entire retail ecosystem. RAMP looks at emerging payment models and platforms including merchant coalitions and the exploding number of wallets now in the market. And at how retailers are leveraging mobile and digital to enhance the customer experience. How retailers are moving towards true omnichannel platforms. How to mobilize in-store staff as well as manage mobility in the enterprise. How to tie front end applications to back end operations. And how to manage the 'Big Data' that all of these new touch points are creating.

In addition to the very real dialogue that occurs on stage, RAMP offers retail executives an unparalleled networking platform enabling them to interact with all RAMP attendees. "The highlights are the amount of networking that's built in. The way the conference room is set and how the exhibit hall is done with seating areas make you feel comfortable to sit down with small groups and just visit… Mobile is blowing up in our face right now…. This helps us to make informed, qualified decisions." Bill Deichler, Operations Manager, Payment Methods, Murphy Oil USA.

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What Retailers Are Saying About RAMP…
Robb Walters, Costco Mobile and Ecommerce Executive – Director: Site Design, Costco
I find four different things extremely valuable about RAMP: The organization, the content, the relevance and importance of networking, and finally the relevance of the service providers here at the conference. They're very relevant to our business and we find tremendous value in that and also in the networking….

The RAMP staff here is very knowledgeable. And there are a number of them, so anytime that you have questions you can get help. And also, there is a lot of effective communication from the team, so you always know what the next step is in the conference.

Also, in terms of the content, the speakers and the quality that they've provided, are again very relevant to our business and important for us, so that we can learn, and help develop both our business and our strategy.

The networking…that's one of the biggest foundations of RAMP…. And the content providers or service providers that are here, they are all relevant to the topic and provide a lot of interesting information and solutions for your business.

At RAMP you are not lost within the crowd and sea, like other large conferences have become. And again, with the focus on networking, there is a lot of opportunity to interact at round tables, over networking events, or evening events afterwards. It's been an excellent experience. This is my first conference, and it certainly won't be my last. For those of you interested in attending this conference, I highly recommend that you do… I have found this to be such a valuable experience and I encourage you to have the same one.
Reuben Mendez, Manager, Mobile Development Team, The Kroger Company
My RAMP experience, it's been great. I think some of the sessions that I've been listening to reinforce what's happening in the industry, that I am staying close to the pulse of what's going on. Right now it's part of the strategy we're looking at, some of the payment options. Getting to talk to some of the vendors that are here, helps us look at what's capable and not capable.

One of the highlights was the 'Helios', the virtual reality session. I think that is something that would be interesting that could separate us from some of the competition. There is some of that happening, that is feasible. I think that would be a good opportunity for any retailer to take advantage of, just puts the fun factor in the shopping experience!"

It's been a wonderful experience, just try to stay close to what's happening in the industry, and just keep moving forward with mobile opportunities…
George Findling, Enterprise Architect/POS, Crate & Barrel
I'm impressed with the turnout…great location…really well run. A lot of good content, a lot of varied content… I've been very impressed.

I think what I like most, is the fact that there so many different industries represented. You get a good mix, we all have the same challenges, the same problems, but we approach them differently. It's really good to share ideas and hear how other people are trying to solve their needs.
Mario Di Prizio, DVP Mobile Commerce Apps, Sears Holdings
“RAMP is different because you are not just listening to technology companies on what they have to sell, but you get to listen to the retailers participate on panels sharing their experiences. It’s more of a retail to retail sharing experience dispersed with technology companies telling us what they’re doing, their recommendations, where they see the next wave is going.”

“In the next conference I am looking forward to seeing what state the industry is in, this is a quick and changing environment. In the next six months there will be a lot of changes, so to get a new view and summery on what is changing in payments, what is happening in POS, which retailers are putting out new trials and pilots and learning from what everyone else is doing.”